Sustainable development

Shippr commits to being a net carbon neutral company by 2030

Ecological impact

Announcement of a global commitment to becoming a net carbon neutrality company in 2030
E-vehicle (two wording forms) incentive program.
CO2 Buyback program
Green packaging partners
E-Vehicule leasing partnership.
100% Offset (forced)
Shippr is operation as carbon neutral company in Europe.
Shippr is operation as a net carbon neutrality company in Europe.

Social impact

Announcement of a global commitment to becoming BCorp certified in 2024
Loyalty and partnership programs
Shippr is a B-Corp certified company
Shippr is listed in the ESG ranking

More sustainable.
More fair.

We are working towards unlocking a  planet-friendly logistics with our advanced technology and a thriving community of partners. Our sustainability strategy is based on two pillars: reducing the ecological footprint of logistics and developing fair working conditions.
“With Shippr, we have founded a business that is by design addressing sustainable development challenges and enabling smarter and inclusive urban logistics”
Romain Syed,
CEO and co-founder of Shippr


After analysing and comparing different environmental frameworks, we chose to follow the framework established by the United Nations: the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). These goals bring together 17 global axes through which we can build a more sustainable and better future for all.

What are our SDGs?

By subscribing to UN’s framework, we put sustainable development at the heart of our business. In order to contribute to this, we have decided to focus primarily on SDGs 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth), 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities), 12 (Responsible Consumption and Production), 13 (Action on Climate Change) and 17 (Partnerships to Achieve the Goals).

Reduce empty miles

In Europe, 27% of trucks run empty (OECD) with every kilometre covered accounting for the environment pollution. While our population and consumption increase, so does the problem of empty miles. This inefficiency problem is making our planet pay a terrible price.

How you can reduce empty miles?

Opting for multi-drop deliveries, optimising vehicles to ensure maximum capacity in each delivery and grouping deliveries in a single journey significantly lowers the transport costs and negative environmental effects.

Calculation of CO2 emissions

In order to reduce our carbon footprint and thus contribute to the fight against climate change, an accurate measurement of CO2 emissions will be the first step in of our sustainable strategy. We aim to quantify the pollution flows of a delivery and identify the levers to reduce them.

How can we measure our emissions?

We will also collect and estimate the CO2 emissions of our delivery partners during their journeys. We want to set up a system for combining deliveries in the same area to reduce the carbon impact of the journeys. The idea is to raise awareness among consumers by passing on this information.

Fair index for our delivery partners

Allowing a large network of independent couriers access a reliable business at Shippr guarantees sustainability where we offer excellent working conditions, prospects for developments and fair remuneration.

How to implement an indexed fair price?

To offer fair compensation to our delivery partners, we carefully account for the type of vehicle, distance covered and time taken to deliver.

The Shippr Green Collective

At Shippr we believe that attaining sustainability is a collective effort. That is why along with the sustainable projects we built for our clients and partners, we make conscious efforts to reach that goal internally as well.

How do we build this green collective?

Through our internal Shippr Green Commando, we want this dynamic core to push our green ambitions into concrete action. Our mission is to raise awareness and monitor internal environmental practices to promote a more responsible way of life.

Are you a company or association committed to making the world more sustainable?

We believe teamwork unlocks the potential to achieve big goals. With combined force we can have stronger positive impact in our planet. Interested?
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