Jérôme - Shippr delivery partner since 2021

“I connect to the Shippr app and look at the delivery schedule. I don't need to make a delivery note, or invoice the customer, because everything is automated via the app. So Shippr really saves me time.”
At the heart of the delivery profession

“I love driving, and my wife always tells me I'm a good driver, so why don't I get into this business?”

I spent several years applying for different jobs. But without success. My wife and I had already discussed the idea of starting a business. We left it on the back burner and soon came back to the subject. I like driving and my wife always told me that I was a good driver, so why don't I go into this business? From then on, I tried the adventure.

In October 2021, we launched our company. But during that first month, we couldn't find any customers. I thought that the only solution was to work in partnership. So I did some research on the internet. I was looking for companies that work with delivery people. And I came across Shippr, which seemed to be very good. That's why I signed up as a partner.

“My job has helped me a lot”

What do I like most about being a delivery driver? Mainly the contact with people. I am reserved by nature, but being in contact with customers has helped me a lot in this aspect. I feel much more at ease, especially with the customers I deliver to, regularly. Like in all jobs, you have to face challenges, but I feel that overcoming those, has made me grow enormously.

Working with Shippr

“Shippr really saves me time”

What I like most about working with Shippr is the ease it brings to my daily management. I log in and look at the delivery schedule, I don't need to make a delivery note or invoice to the customer, because everything is automated via the platform. So it really saves time.

And above all, Shippr is what has brought me work and continues to do so. Quite honestly, it is thanks to Shippr that I can work every day. Sometimes I have a client outside the platform, but I do most of my work as a Shippr delivery partner. In the beginning I had been handing out a lot of flyers left and right and nothing came of it.

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“Every employee I have on the phone is very nice.”

If I had to describe my collaboration with Shippr in one word, it would be pleasant. Every single person and employee I have on the phone at Shippr is very friendly. I have already been able to give Shippr information about something they removed when they changed the look of the car, for example.

Not to mention that the application is easy to use. I didn't have any trouble getting used to the app.

Any advice?

“Do not hesitate”

If I had to give advice to those who are hesitating to become a Shippr partner, I would say, don't hesitate at all. It's a really good system to work with.

For those who have taken the plunge, but have not yet made their first delivery with Shippr, I wouldn't know what to say. Because as soon as I started, I immediately had deliveries on a regular basis and I started. At the beginning, when you don't know anything about it, you're always a little apprehensive and that's normal. But I can assure you that you get used to the Shippr application very quickly.

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